2006 LX 470 RPMs Drop and NO CEL

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May 31, 2019

This is a great forum and have learned a lot over the years as a regular reader but have never posted in the past. Now, I am stumped and need a little input.

We have a 06 LX with 144K miles. Driven mostly by my wife so they have been pretty easy miles. I was driving yesterday, had been running a couple hours around town and suddenly as the rpms approached 2000 they dropped to probably 1000 and I lost power for a second or so and then it was fine. Continued to do it at about the same rpms except occasionally it would do it at a lower rpm and stall out.

This is what I know...
Seems to happen at about 2000 rpms (mostly)
Does not happen until the car is warmed up
No check engine lights or codes
Not sure how to test fuel pump pressure since there is no schrader valve on this model
No fuel leaks

I assume its fuel related since I would think the "drive by wire" setup would set off a check engine light but that's just a guess and an uneducated one at that.

Im pretty handy and can fix most things its just the diagnostic part where I lack knowledge. I'searched online and the only post I've found that remotely relates to my problem suggested that it was the fuel pump (I cant find it now but it was on this forum).

Any help or insight would be really appreciated.
try out first physically inspecting it. from spark plugs, to maf sensor, to as simple as the air duct of the air box to the engine may have gone loose, or the spark plug wires.. if you have a scanner that can also help you alot.

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