2006 LX 470 255k miles is it a good buy? Thank you all

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Hello forum members, I'm new here and unsure this is the right place to post but I could not post elsewhere. I've have been educating myself about these vehicles and reading posts for quite a while. I've finally found a 100 series that to me seems to be in really good condition.

Ive tested all major components like the AHC, brakes, engine, transmission and have looked for rust spots and have found all those checks successful. Now what I'm not too sure of is the price. The seller is asking for 15.9 and I've gotten it down to 13.5 with the recent uptick in gas prices I might be able to lower the price for a little more.

What is your opinion? I have uploaded some images of the vehicle. The interior is immaculate but things like the radio not switching out of AM band and the headrest DVD players not turning on are probably items I can also use for negotiation. I will upload more images or more information upon request thank you all in advance.

Monosnap 2022-03-08 13-48-23.png
Monosnap 2022-03-08 13-48-38.png
Monosnap 2022-03-08 13-48-51.png
Monosnap 2022-03-08 13-49-08.png
Inspection is key and most miss the key points, especially with the 06-07 VVT. But in this market, clean as you say and it looks like in pictures. Steel it $13.5 or I will!
even at 250k miles ? i forgot to mention that the timing belt was replaced at 100k should I factor in a new replacement ~1000 USD
Timing belt is way overdue, I’d want to see some service records.
looks like a really good deal with the information provided but it would be a red flag to be this far past the 2nd timing belt change
Looks like a nice ride. As others have said maintenance records are key. Oil changes and other basic maintenance is most
Important anything else can be caught up with replacement parts. I bought a ‘99 with 245k and have gotten a solid 7 years and 90k miles out of it. However, that’s with lots of work on the truck. Be prepared to wrench or pay for maintenance/baselining. These are great rides and very reliable but at 250k+ they will need some love so just be ready. Parts can be pricey too especially if sticking with OEM.

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