For Sale 2006 Loaded 100 Series: 34k miles, Storm Cloud

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United States
Here is the scoop... I tried to buy this tonight!

2006 Toyota Land Cruiser 4WD for sale in Chicago - Bill Kay Chevrolet - JTEHT05J462092962

dealer would not budge off of their listed price of $33,500. What they are asking is reasonable considering that this truck is cherry cherry clean.

So here is the info, not mine, no affiliation other than that I tried to purchase it and they would not take, 31,500 for the thing.

If anyone else wants to give them a call and see if they can talk them down further, I would be very grateful, let me know, or post here if anyone does better, even if its just for sport.

Of if it leads to a mud member sale... even better, I don't have to look at the thing on my morning commute....

They don't need no stinkin' Toyota on their Chevy lot. Oil and water, I tell ya.
Sweet deal! If it was only closer!!

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