SOLD 2006 Lexus LX470

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  1. LX470
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Located in Denton, Texas (DFW area). Asking $14,500.00 for a southern owned rust free 100 series LX 470. Entirely OEM except brass heater Ts. Timing belt done at 190k miles in 2020. Still has the AHC. All four accumulators replaced with factory parts in 2020. The paint is generally in good shape but there are some chips here and there. The headlights are faded and one fog light needs to be replaced. Includes one new key and parts of an old key. Drivers seat leather is a little cracked but still comfortable. All other leather in great shape. No HUD :( Tires have a lot of tread but are getting old. The engine and transmission are in great shape, smooth and quiet despite the miles. The AHC needs work but it's not throwing codes. The rear is rough and the steering rack is a little leaky too. See the drive link below for estimates on the work needed from a good Toyota shop in my area. It steers and handles well and the suspension is quiet. I could trade it in for $13000 without the hassle of a private sale, so despite the work needed I'm firm on the price. I've used it to haul kids on pavement. It would be a good vehicle for someone that would do the work themselves, but that's not me so I'm gonna cut bait.

Here's a google drive with more pics and service records.


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