2006 Land Cruiser Aux lighting / wiring help

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Mar 20, 2020
Looking for some help (yes, I’ve used the search function without luck)...

I’m adding courtesy lights to my 2006 LC but can’t determine which wire, and where I need to tap for power. I understand it’s the dome light wire (?) I’m using Lux Lighting magnetic mount LED’s for lights but just need a power source. FYI if you’re not familiar with Lux Lighting check them out (Lux Lighting), I use their lights for the same application on my F250 and they’re super bright and don’t move (mounted to frame).

Second question - I’m looking for a constant hot source on the drivers side rear, interior quarter panel to tap my rear hatch lights. Anyone know which wire
to tap?

thanks for help and all the information you all share here!
I added some switches for lights a while back. For constant power that is not keyed power, I did a fuse tap off the cig lighter fuse. In my LX the fuse panel for the cig lighter was under drivers dashpanel by the gas/hood releases. You can easily run (hide) wire inside the cab, along the bottom of the door trim to the rear quarter panel.

Watch your amp needs. For powering switches, when you already have separate relays for your lights, you don't need much power. But if you are powering a huge array of lights back there, you will more substantial power coming off your battery (to a fused power block for example).

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