2006 GCC Land Cruiser Poker Run

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Mar 15, 2004
Announcing the 2006 Green Country Cruisers Poker Run.

It will be held Saturday, APRIL 1st, 2006 in the beautiful scenery of NW Arkansas around Cass. We'll gather around 8:00 at Turner's Bend (www.turnerbend.com)

We'll have lots of great prizes, including an awesome Ramsey Patriot winch for the grand prize!!

We've held several club Poker Runs in this area and the trails here are simply awesome! Last year we encountered several water crossings, waterfalls, steep trail climbs, mud pits, and just about anything else an off-roader could ask for!

Don't forget about the Pre-Run, too! On Saturday, February 11th, 2006th, we're going to scout out some trails on a Pre-Run, and anyone is welcome to attend this as well. Pre-Runs are great fun! Bring your GPS to help get the group back to civilization!

There are several places to lodge or camp in the area, and space may still be available at Lizard Spring's Cabins for both dates, even if it is floor to put a sleeping bag.

Contact randyunderwood@hotmail.com to see if there's still room at Lizard's Springs.

Make Plans Now To Attend These Trail Runs In Beautiful Northwest Arkansas!!!

More information will be posted on our club's website at www.greencountrycruisers.com
I had a great time at it last year and hope I can get to it or the pre-run. Hopefully, it will be a little bit warmer in April.
rgsiii said:
I had a great time at it last year and hope I can get to it or the pre-run. Hopefully, it will be a little bit warmer in April.

You're NOT KIDDIING about that! Last year in January it was ABC. April 1st I expect will be much better temperature-wise. We're going to have another great time in that beautiful part of Arkansas, and hope to have lots of people there!

Mark Keily has posted the Cass, Arkansas February 11th pre-run video/slideshow on the following page at our club's website:


Click on the "movie reel" icon to stream the video, which is at a bit higher resolution than previously sent out.

Also, this page will be updated with the most current information regarding the upcoming April Fool's Day Poker Run in Cass, Arkansas.

See ya!

MoJ said:
Hope to be there!

Jason, I didn't know you had a 70 series! How cool is that? Are you bringing that if you do come out?


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