2006 and later trailer wiring feedback

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Jan 25, 2007
Winter Park, CO.
Hi guys,

I'm a long time 80 series owner. I'm looking to move into a 2006 or later 100. I'm going to miss the 80 for sure as it's easily the best vehicle I've ever owned, but I'm excited to move up. It's great to see that this forum is loaded with tons of info and good people like over on the 80 board!

Anyway, I plan to tow a camper with trailer brakes with the truck and also charge the camper battery while driving. I've read on here about converter box issues with some of the older models(around '03?) where there is feedback from the trailer battery causing electrical "phantoms" when the truck is shut off.

Is this an issue with the '06 and later models also, or did Toyota correct the issue by then? If not, is there a preferred fix that will still allow the use of factory wiring?

I have an 06 and have no issues whatsoever.
I'm new around here and won't be much help but my 2007 has had no issues. I just plugged in my brake controller and went. Tows great.
Thanks for the replies. I'll likely be looking for either the 7 pin wiring harness that goes the the hitch or a Toyota plug and build my own...

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