2005 Team Trophy Challenge


Apr 22, 2003
Mini writeup-

This is a weekend event, running Friday evening through Sunday morning. There is a tech inspection Friday eve and limits are strictly followed. One team was DQ'd because they exceeded the 76" width limit (rockwells and big tires). Width limit is imposed because some trails have tight sections that full-size rigs will not fit through.

TTC is a competition involving teams of two rigs- a driver and navigator in each rig. Teams are given a set of instructions to follow and started along one of three routes. The interesting part is that the instructions are vague and intentionally confusing. Teams leave at 8am and are required to return to camp by 9pm for a driver's meeting for the night rally immediately following. Teams gain points by finding flags with punches attached anywhere along the course. Additional points are awarded at various tasks setup along the course. Tasks can involve safety/emergency situations, vehicular repair, winching, balance tasks, towing, and any other task that the twisted mind of Doug Shipman, event coordinator, can muster. His mental reserves of challenging and evil tasks are endless.

The night rally run is another course run, but on main roads in the forest. Teams are awarded points not on speed, but on consistent speeds between checkpoints that are placed throughout the course. Teams do not know where checkpoints are and must follow another challenging set of instructions, paying attention to their pace, accurately measuring distances via accurate odometers or GPS, and keeping their rigs on the road. Finally, on Sunday is a run-off amongst the tops teams to determine winner. Additional tasks are setup and points are awarded to teams accomplishing the tasks quickest and with the fewest penalty points.

The event is held in the Tillamook State Forest OHV area in Oregon. This year the conditions were wet and wet, with more wet conditions as the weekend progressed. Trails were slick and soupy. Breakage is common.

I wasn't much in the mood for taking pics, but got a few.
Common rig types this year were jeep (CJs mostly), early broncos, samurais, land rover defenders, and land cruisers.
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