2005 Tacoma 4 door TRD

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Mar 24, 2006
Forgive me, I'm kind of a noob when it comes to the Taco's and trucks with IFS etc.

I normally hang out in the 40' and 60' forums, but lately I've been eye-ing my GF's 2005 Tacoma 4 Door TRD and thinking it would be fun to surprise her with a mild lift. And thinking it would be a fun easy project to boot.

I've lifted my 40 and my 62, but never anything with IFS etc.

Anyone recommend a kit or package for somewhere around 4" of

Maybe a Pro Comp kit? Anyone recommend?

Would it look dumb with the stock wheels and tires?

When I do the lift I'll be sure to post up before and afters here.

Thanks for your help! Sorry if this is a SUPER NOOB question for this forum.

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You can do a relatively (mild) simple 2.5-3" lift with spacers in the front and a spacer or AAL in the rear.
There is a HUGE cost jump from this lift to 4" or more.
I think slightly larger tires would look fine with the mild lift <3".
There are several companies that make the mild lift - good luck.
With IFS, you want to stay under 3" of lift to keep the CV angles at a manageable level.
Toytec Home - Toytec Lifts: Toyota Lift Kits: FJ Cruiser Lift Kits, Tacoma Lift Kits, Tundra Lift Kits, 4 Runner Lift Kits, Sequoia Lift Kits, Toyota Truck Lift Kits) offers a number of options for lifting at various prices, so you can browse what they offer at various price levels. Or you can go to your favorite OME reseller (ie., Cruiseroutfitters). OME makes a nice setup at a midrange price - durable and field tested.

In general:

Cheapest - front coil spacer, rear block (not recommended)
Mid Level - rebuild coilover with OME springs and shocks; AAL with new shocks in the rear
High end - Full replacement racing coilover up front (Icon, SAW, King), new leafpack (OME, Deaver, Alcan) and shocks (OME, Bilstein) in the rear.

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