2005 - Power Steering Pulley Question

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Nov 16, 2005
I just got done doing t-belt and water pump on my in-laws 2005 LC (103K). One odd thing was the power steering pump pulley had no fastener to retain it onto the pump shaft. On my 98, there is a nut to lock the pulley on. On this 2005, there wasn't a threaded stud for a nut to go onto; instead there was a threaded hole in the shaft that a bolt could thread into. But there was no bolt to be found and the hole was very corroded so nothing has been in there for a long time.Anyone else with a 2005 mind taking a peek under to the hood to see if a bolt is present? I went ahead and put a bolt in just in case.rich
Interesting - I assumed it had to have a nut or bolt through to retain it as well.
However, I'm using Lexuspartsnow to look at the diagrams for Vane Pump and Reservoir. The '98 has a nut to retain it, but the design for the 2005 looks different and does not have a nut. This should be exactly the same for LC and LX for each model year, but take a look at Toyotapartszone for the toyota specific diagrams.

I still think your question stands - it's possible the diagrams above don't have it b/c you can't order the parts separately. When I get home I'm curious to take a look at the detailed instructions for removing the power steering pulley to get the real answer to your question (i.e. is the threaded shaft permanently connected to the pulley or is there a nut or bolt holding the pulley to the shaft and maybe you just can't order that part individually...)

I'll take a look at my truck too to see if a nut or bolt head is visible.
Thanks, I appreciate you taking a look for me.

I checked out the parts diagrams for toyota as well, and like you said, they show no fastener for the pulley. I guess it is just a press fit? If that is the case, I guess I need to decide if I want to take the bolt out or not :).
My truck (05) doesn't have the bolt either and the '05 FSM Steering section's vane pump diagram/breakout doesn't show a bolt either.

So, you might ask why the shaft is threaded on the side facing the pulley? I can only speculate that it's for a procedure in the FSM called "Measure PS Vane Pump Rotating Torque" that requires temporarily intalling a bolt onto the pulley/shaft so that you can use a torque wrench to measure the torque required to rotate the pump's pulley.

You can safely remove the bolt on your in-law's 05 - it's not needed. From looking at various year parts diagrams, it looks like this design changed for 2004 models and up.

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