For Sale 2005 lx470 northern VA

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Vehicle Model
  1. LX470
2005 LX 470 with just under 170,000 miles. It has a clean history with a lot of recent work. There are a few issues with the paint on the front and rear bumper but otherwise the exterior is clean. The underside is in fairly good shape although some parts are a bit crusty. The frame is totally solid minus some surface rust. The interior is clean without any rips or tears in the seats. Everything works as it should including the AHC and night view.

Recent work:
AHC fluid flush
4 new AHC globes
New OEM front upper and lower control arms
New OEMCV axles
New OEM front wheel bearings
New OEM rear upper and lower control arms
New OEM rear Panhard bar
New OEM rear springs
BFG KO2’s with appx 10k miles
BT45 toy Bluetooth integration
Stubby antenna

And there may be a few other things I have missed. It runs fantastic and besides the rust on the frame and the paint on the front and rear bumpers it is a totally solid truck. And I have a brand new OEM exhaust I never got around to putting on which will come with the truck. I also have most of the takeoff parts I will give with the truck to use as spares. $14,000 obo




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