For Sale 2005 LX 70k mi Blue Garage Queen (New Jersey) Clean undercarriage! - No reserve auction closes 8/25

May 11, 2010
Central NJ
Selling my dream car! I've owned this for the past 8 years, purchased it from a friend in PA who was the second owner.
I've reluctantly decided to replace this with something else. I

This LX was a garage queen when I bought it, and continued to be a garage queen after I bought it.
I only put 40K mi on it since I've owned it.
I planned on keeping this forever, and have meticulously maintained it since I purchased it. I am a mechanical engineer and
maintain all my vehicles - always with the intention of keeping them forever and never selling them, so no cost has been spared
in maintenance.
You will be hard-pressed to find a similar one in the northeat, in such great shape, with such low miles. This is a true collector vehicle! Minor scratches and a couple of door dings are the limit of how you can tell this is a used vehicle.

Major work I've done to it:
1. timing belt, water pump, pulleys, etc.
2. Exhaust muffler and resonator
3. Added airlift airbags. I always keep them to 10-15psi to extend the life of the AHC system.
4. I undercoat it every year, which is why it looks fantastic compared to other hundys of this era and region.
5. Recently replaced the front rotors, repacked bearings with grease, and changed the front brakes.

I do oil changes every year because I never drive it enough to change it based on miles.
Michelin tires are in excellent condition and are fantastic in the snow.
The undercoating I apply every year has kept rust away and as you see in the underbody photos, everything is in very good condition.
Never smoked in.
No pets.

AHC works perfectly as intended. Everything works perfectly. Nothing wrong at all!

Never involved in an accident.

Mudders are welcome to stop by for an inspection!
VIN: JTJHT00W553552594

See photos HERE
Asking $30k.
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May 11, 2010
Central NJ
Hopefully this doesn't break any forum rules - moderator, if so please delete this post;

Decided to post this on Ebay to have it sold by the end of the month. Selling to the highest bidder regardless of price - no reserve auction;

Dec 5, 2016
Good luck with your sale, but based on the mileage and year i think this truck will get you around 18K or so. If it was an 06+ and in black or white you'd get a lot more.
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