2005 Land Cruiser (with Nav) aftermarket stereo options

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Jun 28, 2008
Point Clear, Alabama
Are there any aftermarket stereo options for my 2005 LC? I have heard I can add a blue-tooth module but I would like an entirely new unit with no Nav, if the option exists! Thanks in advance to any/all who can help!
you can. It's on here if you search, also on prius forums. Google landcruiser stereo resistor, first entry will get you some good reading. If you want help or install I'm pretty close.
I love stereo systems, in Mobile - Eastern Shore area and put a very good one in my 2001 LX. But, I purposely bought a 2001 because it didn't have the integrated head unit.
I think the closest you can do is that resistor mod from the Prius forums since they use the same multifunction display with integrated A/C controls. This thread by @jerryb: 68 ohm resistor to replace stereo on NAV equipped LC and LX

From what I recall, if you wanted to remove the MFD, one would need a different dash harness, the manual A/C dial or push button A/C controls, the A/C preamplifer (ECU basically) matched for the manual controls. There is a good thread by @RobRed where he was working to solve this, but ultimately it wasn't very cost effective. Will try and find it and edit this post. But it's really hard to find an 05/06 wrecked without the MFD with these parts to scavenge from.
Likely going to add a blue-tooth module, with Satellite, if I can, and move on. Looks like if you have integraded A/C controls and Nav you’re screwed. Thanks so much to all that chimed in to help!

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