For Sale 2004 UZJ100 Land Cruiser - Galactic Gray

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United States
We are the third owners. We are selling because my wife is going back to grad school, so we are cutting our expenses until she is done.

2004 Toyota Land Cruiser. V8, All Wheel Drive, third row seats, leather, Navigation, sunroof, DVD, rear air, etc. Loaded!

102k miles and as dependable today as the day it rolled off the assembly line. 4.7L V8 with a 5-speed automatic and hi/lo transfer case. Drives great on the road and tackles anything off the road.

Front headlights and grill were upgraded to the 2006-07 design due to MUCH better light output. Headlights are OEM with OEM trim pieces and aftermarket grille. Cosmetic only and NOT because of a wreck, and I have the before pics as well as progress pics to prove it.

[STRIKE]We are looking for KBB Private Party Value. $23,500.[/STRIKE]

$20,950 FIRM

I will post pics ASAP!
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Dang dude, you just got the truck.... I wish you listed this literally 3 days ago, as I would have definitely bought this instead of what I got.

GLWS, thats a great truck
Yeah, I know. Not too terribly pleased about it either.

However, family ALWAYS comes first, and this is no exception.

Dang, I hate I missed your purchase. I almost listed it last week, but held out hopes that we might make it work, to no avail. Wife was accepted and started grad school for her Nurse Practitioner degree. She's cut back to 3-4 days a week, and we are just circling the wagons, so to speak. The more cuts we make now, the easier we will ride out the next 2.5 years.
Changed by previous owner via Toyota Dealer at 88k, with water pump and other belts. Had new CVs on both sides at 70-something thousand, and regular fluid changes for the trans and doffs. Radiator/Coolant flush at about 60k too. I have the receipts, I'll see if I can find and post.
Nav, Gray Leather, Rear DVD.

Dealer Services:
New Fluids and Coolant at 60k
New Belts at 60k
New TB/Water Pump at 87k
New Antenna Mast
Michelin Tires
Oil/Filters and other minor stuff

Other Shop Work:
New CVs (both) at 75k
Repainted front Bumper (parking lot scrapes - no wrecks on Carfax)
Brake Pads
Lots of other general maintenance items.

Me: (purchased 6-mos ago with 94k miles)
New OEM 2006 Headlights and Trim with Aftermarket (OEM Style) Grille ($1000 upgrade)
4500k 55W HID kit
Repaired door speakers and sub foam surrounds for like-new sound quality
Removed Flares
Repacked Front Wheel Bearings at 100k
Deckplate Airbox Mod
Greased Driveshaft
Mobil 1 Extended Perf Oil with Oversized Filter

Currently has just under 102k on it.

The thing that makes this one unique is the 2006 front end on a truck that has never been wrecked.

I have receipts from the PO for the service work and pics on 'mud from the front bearing repack.
2004 Toyota Land Cruiser - Galactic Gray - 4WD, Nav, DVD - Great Cond!

Pics also posted on the Craigslist Ad.
photo 5.jpg
photo 3.jpg
photo 4.jpg
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Are there cheaper 2004's out there? Sure.

Are there 2004's at this price that have less miles? Yup.

At 75k miles, you're staring at ~$2000 in services within 15k miles. Timing Belt and Water Pump with Cam/Crank Seals, Thermostat, Spark Plugs, Coolant, etc. Add in a Front Wheel Bearing repack and brake pads. At a dealer, you're looking at $2000. Not cheap, and all due around 90k miles. Getting less miles for the same price is not always the cheapest or best option.

At 100k+ miles and priced at $20k, you're looking at a truck that probably hasn't been maintained at a dealer with all services completed, so you have to add at least $1500 to those prices to get it up to date (TB/WP and bearing repack at a minimum).

The 2006+ headlights, trim, and grille is over $1000 in parts alone. It is a 2006 "clone" or "twin", if you will. Only difference is that this truck lacks the VVTi offered in 2006 since the 2004's got the A750 5-sp transmission. Have you priced a 2006 lately? :eek:

I *might" be a touch on the high side of 2004 in some markets, but it's actually based on KBB Private Party Value and not retail. It comes well-maintained with good tires and no worries or issues AND it looks like a $30k 2006 - just without the 40 extra hp from the VVTi that's also shackled to the crappy AHC suspension. Not a bad tradeoff considering the savings on the truck as well as the savings of not having to either repair the AHC and/or rip it out.

I think $21-22k is a "fair" price for a typical 2004 at 90k to 105k miles. Add about $1000 if it's been REGULARLY serviced at a dealer and receipts are provided for the work as proof. That's $22k to 23k for a good, baselined, and well-maintained UZJ. Then you have to look at what the headlight/grille upgrade might be "worth".

That's why I thought $23,500 is fair. Maybe not. I won't know until someone makes and offer I guess.

For comparison, I just cruised eBay and AutoTrader.

There are exactly FOUR 2004 Galactic Gray Land Cruisers for sale in the entire US listed on Autotrader. They are:
OH (Salt Roads), 126k miles, $23,500
NY (Salt Roads), 75k miles, $20,923
GA (Broken Front Wheel Stud), 112k miles, $19,900 (fresh TB)
WA (over 2000 miles from me), 150k miles, $23,500

There are exactly TWO 2006 Galactic Gray Land Cruisers for sale in the entire US listed on Autotrader. They are:
TN (Snow, occasional Salt), 98k miles, $30,950
MO (Salted Roads), 122k miles, $28,995

So, a southern vehicle that's never been off-road or driven on salted roads with up-to-date maintenance and upgraded facia is at LEAST worth as much as a northern vehicle with 20k+ more miles...

If you split the difference on the 2004 vs. 2006 and say the "upgraded" and maintained 2004 is worth comparable average values of a 2005 truck, then there are TWO for sale in the US for comparison.
TX, (Not sure about TB/WP/WB repack) 110k miles, $24,900
MD, (Salted Roads), 92k miles, $25,988

So with that said, be careful when shopping by price and miles alone... :D

I'll get pics of the de-flared areas, but it will probably be Thursday before I can post them.
Very fair price. GLWS!
More pics for those who have asked.







When I removed the flares, there were "abrasions" into the clear coat from dirt and debris that had been trapped behind the rubber gasket. The fix for this was to touch up the clear coat since the base coat underneath was not damaged. The touch up has been done. It just has not been wet sanded and buffed yet. That is why you see a very faint line on some angles in the pics. It is a texture difference in the finish and NOT a color difference. That's why it is only visible at certain angles and not others. This will disappear once the texture of the touch-up matches the texture of the rest of the fender clear coat.




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I'm probably going to paint the front and rear bumpers along with the door trim. That's the only places that really stand out as needing attention. If a buyer wants that done, I will include that work and just hold firm on the asking price. Otherwise, price is somewhat negotiable.
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I'm not in the market for a car payment, but this is what I am saving for. Nice ride.
Requested Close-Ups of the Clear Coat repairs:



As you can see, the clear coat was not gobbed on. It is not overly thick, and there is no over spray. I used Automotive PPG clear, from a paint supplier - not typical over-the-counter stuff. There is no color shift as the original base color was not damaged or repaired. Only repair was to replenish the clear that had been abraded.

I very carefully cleaned the affected areas, applied the properly-mixed clear via Q-tip, and allowed it to dry. I will be wet-sanding with 2000-grit and buffing to a professional finish this weekend. After pics will follow.
"Back to Reality" (a.k.a Back from Vacation) price drop. Making another payment in a few days. I would rather just sell!

$23k obo!!!!
peddlin' to the masses

I've had two offers. Countered both at $22k. Best I can do right now. Great deal on one hell of a truck!

$20,950 FIRM

Includes new Pilkington windshield!
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