2004 Sunroof Issue

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Sep 15, 2020

I am new to MUD, but have been learning from all of you over the last year. Guess it's about time I joined. I've owned 5 LX/LCs since 2005 and I have a 2004 LC now and stumped. I have done all the checks and sunroof barely moves and its' only on the driver's side. I need to replace the cables. However, I am learning you cannot get the replacement cables L/R for any years post 2002. I have read many informative posts on the cables and repairs for 1998 to 2002 and am a bit jealous if this is true. Does anyone have a suggestion on the fix? I really don't want a non-working sunroof and I am not inclined to pay $2,600 for the whole unit. I am open to suggestions and the reality of a non-working sunroof. Thanks

I would research removing the entire sunroof cassette by first removing the headliner. With the cassette in hand, you could repair, replace, or reinstall broken and seal it up. Perfect time to check all four drains that attach to cassette. Not a one banana affair, but a cleaner job than many!

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