eBay 2004 Land Cruiser - cheap

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United States
Not mine, just interested in the auction

Only $5999, or perhaps less if negotiated.

However 422k miles (which is why I’m interested, I love high mileage LC’s/LX’s)

Yes, high miles and a good ambiantal location to have distroyed the under carriage ,
Mmmmm what's not to love about that !! !!

In one of the pics, you can see the body rot, peeking out between the bashed body parts, just aft of the bald, mismatched tire.
I love seeing the high mileage 100s. It gives me some inspiration as to how far I can take mine. You could get something under 300k for less though.
Sorry, probably more appropriate if I had posted this on the 100 Series main forum - not the classifieds. Not suggesting anyone buy this, just like seeing a truck run up to 422K miles - even if rotting. Maybe more so, it's had a hard life and keeps on ticking.

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