Wanted 2003+ LC/LX Mid-Atlantic/Southeast

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United States

A proud FJ62 owner here looking for a new DD and camping/overland project. Almost had to get rid of my 62 recently due to a career transition, but the stars lined up and I'm now looking for a GX or a 100-series Land Cruiser (or LX) to add to the stable. As noted, this will be a DD that I will slowly build into a non-DD weekend ride.

As for a Land Cruiser or LX 470, I would prefer something near the DC area but can work with anything down the I-95 corridor from here to Jacksonville. Needs to be at least an '03 for an LC but can go to '01+ for an LX. Less than 180K, timing belt/water pump done at least once and documented.

Preferred color is grey or forest green (forget the actual color names), followed by white, gold, black, blue (forget the name also), and silver. I'm really not too picky on LC/LX colors, as it's hard to go wrong.

Budget is whatever the right truck is worth; I'm enough of a student of the market to know a good deal from a bad one. Most trucks meeting my criteria will likely be in the $10-$16K range from a private seller, so there's some wiggle room.
Thanks in advance for any recommendations thrown my way; will pay a finder's fee in :beer: whenever you come through town (or I come through yours!). If you lurk in the GX classifieds, you'll see this exact same message...
messaged you I may have what your want :) a little over your mileage but its all highway and garage kept
Why 01 or 03 plus for the LXor LC respectively? Been looking at 100 series myself and looking to take some short cuts on the research ;)
In my book the lx470 are all no nos due to the ahc system destined to fail... 03 and higher lc's have a facelift, slight interior upgrade and a 5speed tranny where as 98-02 have a 4speed tranny... 98-05 don't have ahc and if your lucky u can get a 06 without ahc.. trying to lift or swap to regular suspension with a lx470 or lc with ahc is a huge investment when the ahc fails.. I've always stayed away from them when searching
Why 01 or 03 plus for the LXor LC respectively? Been looking at 100 series myself and looking to take some short cuts on the research ;)
Beerock nailed a lot of it, but here's a good research link from Slee: Slee Off-Road 100 Series Newbie Guide

Regarding LCs, high points for me are upgrade to a 5-speed auto, more HP, more safety features, and variable gear steering (the wife will have to drive this some, too). For the LXs, little differences from '98 to '01 to '03 and beyond. For me, '01 is just an arbitrary cutoff for age/wear. If someone turned up a '99 in mint condition with really low miles, I would certainly consider it.
Removing a complete AHC system completely from a LC or LX takes anywhere between 8-12 hours.

Removing the stock suspension and Installing a OME full lift kit torsion bars, springs and 4 shocks takes about 4-6 hours NON- AHC

Both of the time estimates are considering the vehicle has little to no rust and that all the bolts and threads are lubed up with rust penetrate. if the vehicle has medium to heavy rust you can be looking at more hours on the job depending on the severity of rust.

I have found that cutting the upper part of the stock shocks apart (in between the rubber bushing and nut) makes the disassembly process much faster as they are a bitch to take off due to any amount of rust on the threads. Installing the upper shock bolts is a pain but much easier with fresh threads and nut from the new shocks.

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