2003 LC Doesn't want to shift in to park easily after greasing driveshaft

Sep 23, 2021
Found lots of threads about a 100 series not wanting to shift OUT of park but this seems to be a new one. When I first got my LC, the driveshaft grease points were BONE DRY. Somehow the u-joints were still ok, but I had all the clunking going on, etc... I put another 5k on it and greased it up again. Immediately after greasing, I'm finding it hard to put it in to park. The '03 shifter is wonky to begin with - now unless I shift it quickly in to park, it will want to slip out.

Anyone have this experience before? Is is something to fix or will fix itself over time?


Jul 1, 2020
Bay Area, CA
If this all started after greasing, you might want to remove the zerks and then go for a drive on some bumps so some of the grease and pressure can be relieved. If everything is that dry it might be best to pull the drive shafts so you can throughly clean the slip joints. Sometimes the seals get so dry new grease really can’t get where it needs to. There is a big thread about greasing the driveline (maybe in the FAQ) that talks about this.

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