2002+ window switch on 2000 Land Cruiser?

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Jan 7, 2011
Santa Cruz, CA
I recently replaced my right rear door on my 2000 100 Series as it had body damage. The replacement door is from a 2002(?) Cruiser. Both wire looms plugged in perfectly at the door hinge. The speaker in the new door works, as does the courtesy light and the power lock. The problem is the window switch connector, which is a different shape.

Inside the door card, the window switch on the replacement door has more pins than my old switch had (12 vs 5, photos below). I got a 12-pin switch off eBay, but was unsuccessful in getting the window to respond, either from the driver's switch or from the eBay switch when plugged in. I am getting 12V at some of the pins so I the wiring seems good. Is it possible to integrate a new-style switch? Or can I rig up a wiring harness converter? Thoughts?

Original switch, does not fit replacement door: 84810-60050


New switch, which plugs into the replacement door: 84030-60060

Any electrical whizzes out there? Maybe someone with a wiring diagram for the 2000? (Assuming the 2004 from the FSM is the same as for the 2002 door.)
I believe the newer vehicles have all the windows function with auto up and down instead of the press and hold type. Since your drivers door is the master controller that might be the issue. Let me do some digging to find my 2000 wiring book and I’ll post some relevant pages.

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