2002 Honda XR650L (1 Viewer)

Aug 29, 2002
Port of Indecision...otherwise Northern Arizona
United States
2002 Honda XR650L
63XX miles
Located in Flagstaff, Arizona
PM me if interested or for more photos

Dirt Bagz Ranger Panniers w/Dirt Bagz Rack
Wolfman Number Plate Bag with map case
Clarke 4 Gallon Fuel Tank
Auxiliary LED License Plate Bracket Brake Light
Uni-Filter Foam Air Filter (Stock .150 jet in carb.)
Otherwise Stock

Maxxis 6006 Tires Installed (30% Remaining)
Monster Tubes Front/Rear

Spare Dunlop D756 Rear Tire (85% Remaining)
Spare IRC Battle Rally BR92 Front Tire (75% Remaining)
Spare Clutch & Brake Levers
Spare Tubes (New F & R)
Stock Fuel Tank (minor ding)
Stock Tank Shrouds
Stock Passenger Pegs
Stock Tools (OEM bag bit the dust...)
Clymer Manual

I purchased this bike (my first!) in late May, 2005 for commuting with 2,100 miles on it. Little did I know that I would be hooked by the Adv. Riding bug.... Since May, its taken me down Baja to Mulege, over to the West Coast of Mexico and up to 11,100 feet in Silverton, Colorado and back with nothing more than a loose spoke in between regular maintenance.

The bike is in excellent condition, save for some scratches on the front fender, side panels and wind deflectors. (I wish I had a story to tell on those, but I've only had one slow speed get off in deep sand outside of Alfonsina's in Bahia de la Gonzaga.) The right side plastic has been modified with aluminum, as the heat from the stock exhaust was deforming the plastic under the pannier, and I've added an extra galvanized brace to keep the pannier further away from the plastic.

I put a cheapo set of mirrors on it prior to Baja, so I could see around my wide shoulders that ended up being epoxied in place because they vibrated like crazy, and have a single spare mirror of better quality as well.

Its been a reliable, great running bike for me!
Now I've got the urge for a bigger bike, so I'm selling this one and saving my pennies for a BMW 1150GS Adventure!



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