2001 LC

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Mar 4, 2010
Charlotte, N.C.
Hello Mud members, after many many months looking at LCs and drooling I have finally found one I believe I will be buying, It is 2001 thunder Cloud Grey, with 68K miles on the dot. The guy has maintaned it well from the pictures but want to see if anyone has a carfax they can spare to double check before I drive 4 hours to buy it. Thanks will post pictures when I get off work. Also anything I should look out for, I know the indash nav works but have read about the repairs, mostly been looking at 98-99s but this one is such a good deal the extra money looks worth it! hopefully I will be an official member thursday night!
Wow, that looks really clean!
Yeah gotta lose the running boards then make her faster with stickers!!
No gotta change my sig, just picked this up tonight at 11, guy was awesome, really took care of his cruisers... Had a 99 with 142k that was in amazing shape also. Really please to finally join the club
very clean lookin rig you got there, love the color too. Let the mods begin!
Promised wife to be no mods that cost money till march of next year... But running boards coming off today, then gotta fix a back light that is out. Also does a newer cluster from like an 06,07 work in the 01? Would love to have an updated one, plus the lady will let me do that one.
Congrats on the find!! Don't see them very often with that few miles! Will last forever!
10 minutes makes a huge difference, and the annoying bolt location. I mean really who puts that there......
what's that huge hunk of steel hanging down from the frame below your PS door? :)

With out that my entire truck would fall apart from all the rattling :doh: Plus it is so ugly sitting under there it is just darn cute.... Plus just filled up again, to much driving in 1 day, but sitting at 17.87 MPG, cruised at 68 all night, not to mention that ugly piece of steel, with out it, I'd be lost.
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