For Sale 2001, 159k, needs transmission, $5k

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United States

I have a 2001 Land Cruiser, white, good shape. No engine issues other than the manifold tick that is all too common. Timing belt and water pump were done at 100k. New AC pump last year. Pulling my boat this weekend and transmission went out. The vehicle will not go into neutral, or any forward gear. Transmission shop quoted be $2700 for a rebuild. I need to get rid of it as I need a bigger truck to pull my boat, my loss is your gain. I just purchased this for $9500 last winter, and installed a hitch and brake controller a month ago for $700. Unfortunately don't have that many good pics but if you are really interested let me know and I can get more. Interior is in great shape, exterior has your typical small scratches and dings, really no surface rust. Let me know if interested. Asking $5k, which I am pretty firm on. Located in Alexandria Minnesota presently. Thanks.
sorry for the hijack. it's a long shot, but if anybody in texas snatches this up, i'm looking to trade out the middle row. My 2000 doesn't have the LATCH system for my kiddos' car seats. My leather & seats are mint.


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