SOLD 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser $12,800 OBO

Vehicle Model
  1. 100 Series
United States
This badass Land Cruiser can keep you comfortable whether you are traveling around town or hitting the off road trails.
She has been upgraded with:
Front and Rear ARB bullbar and towbar bumpers
Old Man Emu 1.5" Lift and Full Suspension
33" Michelin Defender All Season Tires
Pioneer Touch Screen Radio with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
Backup Camera
Upholstery redone on Front and Middle row seats with Marine Leather (vinyl)
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Impeccable Maintenance:
Timing belt and water pump done at 184,187
Old Man Emu shocks, Torsion bars, and Heavy Springs done at 160,517
Tires Michelin Defender at 159,000
Upholstery at 158,000
Steering Reservoir at 158,000
ABS Computer 157,000
She has a couple bumps but is in excellent condition and drives like a dream.
Jul 23, 2017
New York, New York
Ignition barrel rod188,000
Control arm R/f186,900
Spark Plugs185,574
Ignition coil185,189
Timing belt, water pump, tensioner, idler, thermostat184,187
Radio Head unit with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, back-up camera183,000
ABS sensor L/F182,643
Fan clutch182,100
Door lock actuators rebuilt182,000
Drain and fill: Transfer case, Front & Rear Differential, 4x4 transfer case181,395
Tie rod – right front, CV axel – driver’s side160,691
Throttle position sensor160,608
OME shocks OME torsion bars, OME springs, CV axels, ARB bumpers front/rear160,517
Tires – Michelin Defender LTX M/S LT285/75R16158,455
Upholstery front 2 rows – Marine Leather (vinyl)157,000
Steering reservoir and Hoses156,000
ABS Computer155,156

Here's what you'll want to know if you call me:

The car took a hit back in February. Title is clean, NOT a salvage title. The tail gate was smashed and the front bumper got pushed in on the passenger side. The hood, passenger fender, and rear quarter buckled and some paint chipped off. the spare tire got knocked off. The 2012 pilot that hit me... both his front wheels fell off and he lay to rest on my spare tire. After a cool down period in the diner next door, my boy and I drove this beast 70 miles to home.

I wanted to keep this LC because it is impossible to replace it with a full size SUV for the same price of repairing this one... in which I had already invested so much. I took her to my mechanic, who has had plenty of opportunities to ream me, but has always taken excellent care of us (Olympia Automotive on Staten Island, you rock!). We put it on the lift and found zero damage to the frame. The ARB bumpers absorbed EVERYTHING. I took it to their recommended body shop. Upon arrival I was told "the bumper F'd you." I said, "well show me how." we popped the hood and looked uderneath. The body guy exclaimed "these bumpers saved you!" I got a third opinion before I decided to keep the truck.

I got a pick & pull tail gate and had it painted. the bumper was pulled-out. Both signal lights have been replaced. I put some touch up paint on the fender, hood, and quarter for a minor improvement. I am told the vehicle was NOT impacted mechanically despite the blank check I offered to my mechanic.

If you haven't seen CarPlay, it's sweet. it mirrors your phone. It pretty much makes this car compete with brand new cars in terms of accessories.

I had the roof, hood, front fenders and two-tone trim panels painted. But thanks to Mr. 2012 Honda Pilot, the hood and fender have some extra character. You're still missing a spare tire, but the bolt-on winch costs $100, or you could grab the ARB tire rack. 1 of 4 crunch zones are compromised on the front bumper and one of the rubber bumper things is missing ($70 from ARB). the rear bumper has a surface dent; no crunch zones present-hence "have a nice day Mr. Pilot."

On the front dash, the “rear AC” button is very sticky. There’s a thread on mud to fix it. 2 hours and $20. You will need a pair of pliers to remove 1 of 2 third row seats. I know what part is broken, I think it’s actually a door rod guide. The bumper on the break pedal rotted away and the brake lights stayed on. I fixed it. I think my solution is very adequate, but it’s not OEM.

We bought a Tacoma to replace her. The new truck was 2.5 hours away and we had to drive through that torrential downpour at the beginning of July. Long story, but I was also pulling my travel trailer. We came to road that was flooded. 5 or 6 cars were stalled out in it... Our new Taco was on the other side of the lake. Full speed-ahead. my wife screamed as we waked out the stalled cars, and then waked them out with the floating trailer. This car is sweet, and I will cry when you drive it away.

I have the car facts and the collision does not show up. If you are shopping for a car that is 20 years old with comparable milage and the seller tells you it's never been hit and everything is great... it's probably too good to be true. I realize that you may be considering a cross country trip to purchase this vehicle. Out of personal pride and respect to you, I will tell you everything I can think of and answer any questions you have. You will make a well informed purchase.

I can't over-emphasize that I did everything and everything to keep this vehicle in tip top shape for my family and me. I used nothing but the best parts and went above and beyond whenever possible. I have the receipts to prove it. If you buy this Land Cruiser, I am handing you a vehicle that is mechanically sound.

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