2000 LX470 Rear coil springs

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Mar 29, 2019
Campbell, Ca
Hello guys,

I'm in need of a new set of rear springs for my stock 2000 LX470 (270K miles) and will tackle this project next weekend. My question is how hard is it to change the rear springs? Can it be done with normal mechanics tools or is there any special equipment involved? How long does this typically take? I haven't seen a thread with the steps involved but would appreciate any insight from the folks that have done this before. My rig has no suspension mods, everything is stock and I'm installing OEM springs. The reason I'm changing the springs is because the DS rests 1" lower than the PS. measuring from the top of the rear wheel well to the ground. TIA!
It’s very easy. All you need is a simple socket set, a jack and jack stands. In the FAQ section of the 100 forum you should see a walkthrough. There are also some other websites that post instructions, I think Slee has a walkthrough as well. Search and you shall find.

Also, use center of the wheel hub to fender for your measurements to remove the tire from the equation.

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