2000 LX470 OEM wheel

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Apr 5, 2015
Hi all, lots of threads on how to replace the OEM wheels. I just want to buy one for my spare. I found this

If this isn't a true OEM wheel or there are better options, thanks!

It looks to be correct (for my 99 and your 2000).

Good price on it.

Are your wheels silver or that hyper-silver?

I might be concerned a "refurbished" wheel won't match in OE color... and even less likely if hyper-silver. If the tire is not in rotation, then it might not matter.

I have a regular silver 16" LX470 wheel (non-refurbed) I can sell for cheap in Northern California but can't ship it.
That would've been perfect, but I'm in Colorado :frown: I'm going to the Lexus dealer for a few minor things, I'll ask them how much they charge. I'll have my wife there ready to revive me lol
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