For Sale 2000 LX470 $8800.00 Jacksonville, FL

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I am having to part ways with my 2000 LX470 due to taking a different territory for work (I am putting roughly 1700 miles on it a week!) The care is in great condition and is mechanically sound. It currently has 191xxx miles on it. I bought it from a mother in Raleigh, NC who had kept it in a garage for all of it's life. The lady had never even put the car in 4 wheel low or locked the center diff! Do not worry, they were checked out an function as they should. There is no rust on the car at all, I can send you pictures of the underside and specific parts on request.

Since I have had it here is what I have done:

-BFG All Terrain K02's 285/75/16 (they have a lifetime hazard protection plan through Discount tire that will transfer with the car)
-2 inch AHC lift
-Firestone Lifetime alignment (I do not know if this will transfer with the car)
-Safari Snorkel system w/ air particulate cleaner (I have the stock scoop that comes with it too)
-Factory CD player died so I replaced it with a Pioneer AVH-X2700BS (I just like it BC you can thumbs up or thumbs down pandora songs) microphone for the bluetooth phone is installed too!
-All new fluid for the AHC system and I have an extra can that goes with the sale.
-Breaks have new fluid and have been bleed.
-New power steering fluid
-Transmission fluid was changed with a drain and fill (synthetic)
-Fluid in the differentials and transfer case was changed over to synthetic
-I did change the oil over to synthetic BUT the car did not like that and leaked a bit from the oil pan. I have switched back over to conventional oil and it has been fine.
-Wheels have been plasti-dipped grey. I can take that off is you wish with a pressure washer.
-Wethertech front rubber mats

The BAD!
-Sunroof stopped working and is permanently in a closed position.
-The lady who owned it before me was a smoker and there are some cigaret burns on the driver side carpet and headliner. The car does not smell, I had it all shampooed 3 times when I bought it!
-Driver side seat has cracks in the leather. I have the wet oakoee (Spelling?) seat covers on, they come with the car.
Driver side door actuator is worn out, I have the parts to fix it but have not. Parts come with the car. You just have to use the key to open it.

This has been a great vehicle for us and we recently took it up to Uwharrie National Forest to run their trails and do some camping. The truck ran all of the intermediate trails in it's current set up with a few helper rocks. I was impressed.

Price is $8800.00 and I think that is fair. Please text me before you call at 850-572-3233.

Thank you,


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Has the timing belt and water pump been replaced? Do you have the 3rd row seats?
Yes, I have the 3rd row seats, they are in great condition and like most look like they were never used. The timing belt was done by the previous owner at 140000 miles. They also did a lot of maintenance on the car right before they they sold it at around 160,000 miles by a non Toyota mechanic. She said they replaced the starter and did a front axle service (I do not know what all that entailed).
A Mud member came over to look at it and we negotiated to $8500.00 I just put that out to everyone! Price drop to $8500.00
Although they won't match my interior, I am just south of you in st augustine. Willing to part with the third row? I can never find anyone close by with one.

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