2000 LX Charcoal Canister Farting

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May 15, 2016
Colorado Springs
I opened up the hood to take a look at something today and heard a squeaking, farting sound coming from the charcoal canister. The engine had been running for about 150 miles. Is it just escaping gases or is something leaking?

What was your elevation at the time you noticed the sound?
I've been wondering the same thing, I noticed that exact same noise coming from mine a few weeks ago after I got home from work. The truck had only been driven ~30 miles at about 350' ASL - I left work, went to AutoZone to have my alternator tested (it failed), and then went straight home to schedule a replacement. When I arrived home and got out I could hear that noise coming from under the hood and managed to get a video too. Keep in mine I was pushing about 9 volts at this moment since the alternator was bad, but I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it. The noise stopped after about 10min and I have not heard it again since I replaced my alternator.

If theyre both coming off warm engines I would assume it's something with lurking vapors. Have you replaced any of your hoses?
My battery is in fine condition so I don't think that has anything to do with it
From what I’ve gathered on 80s tech, 100 series, and personal experience it seems to be a standard experience with the canister while driving in warm temp weather and a increase/decrease in elevation.

I drove from sea level to about 5500ft elevation to our local mountains and the drive took about 1.5-2 hours. I got out to check something in the engine bay and it sounded like my charcoal canister and the box next to it were shorting out. Fuel fumes and elevation from my understanding.
It is normal.

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