For Sale 2000 LX 470 For Sale only 149K miles

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Vehicle Model
  1. 100 Series
  2. LX470
United States
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Hi guys: new to the forum want to put out feelers for my LX 470 for sale and check interest/feedback.

Pearl white. No mechanical issues. Everything works: Engine, Transmission, AC, Heat, Electronics, Steering, Suspension, 4x4. Wonderful truck and rides high. AHC rear sensor, AC compressor, thermostat, condenser and pressure line, tie rod ends, ABS / stability control Module, Transfer Case, Transmission and Engine oil recently changed, engine and transmission perform like champs. No electrical issues, no leaks, no suspension issues, raises and drops truck like 2.5+/- inches no problems.cosmetics I added... Bluetooth FM module to factory stereo. No factory Nav. Sounds good. New Front bumper bar, new 480W off-road LED bar, new tinting, muffler delete for throaty V8 (have muffler) n exhaust tip. Came with 20” wheels and 275 width AT rubber. Still plenty of meat left. Don’t have OEM wheels.

no CEL or warning lights on dash. Runs great. Did many long road trips zero issues.One of the lowest mileage 100 series out there.

Want to sell: NO

Recommend this truck: HELL YES

Why do I need to sell: Won’t pass European emissions due to age (guessing here 100%) otherwise I’d keep it. Classic Supra’s for sale too.

Price: I looking for $12K. Is that fair? Low/high?

Timing Belt & WP: If someone offer full price I’ll get that done at my shop before sale

Rust: some surface rust in engine compartment like bolts (cleaned sprayed), rear hatch and some under carriage - all cleaned and sprayed already.

*** please share opinions
*** Don’t ask if it poops gold (I actually do think it does). yes someone clueless on FB asked me if it did.. lol my response: “do you??” >> block! I guess the resale compared to their Silverado or Explorer doesn’t compute




Didn’t read entire add-
The norm is...
Post photos, underneath photos, explain maintenance records ,previous number of owners ,Post price.

Take Constructive criticism from guys that know these vehicles like mechanics know wrench, Good luck
Seems like a pretty fair price given the description. Some pictures of the under-carriage would definitely help as well.

thanks for the feedback. Will have to link in a website with the extra pictures - won't let me do more than 5 here I think.
Where was this before Dallas? Pics of rear hatch please

CARFAX shows North East like Jersey area. Had two real owners there. All Lexus dealer services. Then it was traded in to a dealer at 141K and my seller bought it from them and drove to IN. He had it sitting around for maybe 6-12 months and sold to me at 144K. I had it shipped to Texas.

Top Rear hatch has rust. But it’s not terrible. I cleaned and sprayed it. I gave videos if you need em. What is the cost to fix generally?



Thanks for the pictures and information. My experience with the rust on that upper gate is that once it starts, it is SO hard to stop. I had trouble knowing where it was coming from. Seems like a design flaw, given how many folks have had rust issues. I looked and looked to buy a new upper gate, but was not able at the time. Good luck with the sale!

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