For Sale 2000 Lexus LX - 97k/mi - St. Louis

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United States
Link: 2000 Lexus LX470


2000 Lexus LX470 (LandCruiser 100 Series) for sale. Aprox 97,700 miles. This was intended to be our vacation/adventure vehicle but unfortunately we would like something smaller.

Since purchase I have replaced the tires (Destination A/T), axles/cvboots, front muffler, installed a hitch for a bike rack and all 4 tires. I also replaced the bushings in the steering wheel motor as they were wearing. Maintenance has been conducted regularly. Timing belt was changed at 65k. I also replaced the heater hose T's as a precaution as these are known to fail. It has 18 inch aftermarket wheels.

The LX comes with an in dash dvd player, bluetooth, handsfree, and rear headrest monitors.

Overall condition is excellent for a vehicle of its age.

Please email with questions.

I sure am! I've gotten a few questions already so I'll post those here for transparency...

How long have you had it? 1.5 years, I looked 3 months for a low mileage LX and eventually had a pre-purchase inspection done at a Lexus dealer in Chicago. I picked it up in Chicago and drove it back.

Do you have the original wheels? Unfortunately not, although the original hubs are still on the vehicle (they stick out). The rims are in 7/10 shape with some minor surface bubbling. However, the 18 in tires are nicer than the 16's I've driven on. Although this might be personal preference/configuration.

Any rust? Do you have any pics of the undercarriage? I do have additional pics. I plastidipped the undercarriage as soon as I got it. Mostly surface rust underneath but nothing bad at all.

The carfax show a minor wreck, do you have any details on that? No details unfortunately, however, I did have a body shop look at the work done. We did have to slightly adjust a minor door gap issue and inspect the body and frame (no issues).


The maintenance history show a aftermarket muffler, is that the muffler you replaced? I did have the muffler replaced amongst other items. We've probably spent $2700 in parts after purchasing for $14k.

How is the AHC, any issues or leaks to speak of? None noticed. I have the Lexus dealer look at it every 3 months. It does move in to all positions as far as I can tell. The unfortunate part is that it will go at some point down the road but this should be around $550 in parts (or more if you wanted to do a proper lift). You can swap the LX suspension with the Land Crusier one with a kit. I know that the two fronts were replaced by Lexus at around 55k/mi.

Other things to mention:

One lock actuator needs to be replaced because it works incrementally. I have the parts for this and it can be done in an afternoon.

The passenger side exhaust manifold needs to be replaced eventually. There is a VERY slight leak but it does not affect cabin noise or performance. I have the parts for this (if desired) and it can be accessed by removing the wheel.

I probably need to do a balance on the front. If you're in the area I paid for a lifetime on it so I'll be happy to meet you at the shop if needed later on. But I'll get it balanced/aligned before.


Also forgot to mention that I did a repair on a leaky sunroof that is holding well. There's a write up on here if you'd like to see that post.
Marked for later. If it's still here when I get back from vacation, I will be calling you.
I am in the Twin Cities and I was wondering if you had a link to pictures of it? Sorry if I missed it!

Thank you

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