2000 LC stutters and does not accelerate

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Jan 30, 2009
Burnet, Tx
I swapped the starter and while in there I installed a rebuilt set of injectors as the ones in it were potentially at 230K miles.

The new injectors were pink the ones in the 2000 lc were light blue. In park or neutral the engine runs fine at any RPM in gear at partial throttle it runs fine floor it and it falls flat on its face.

I noticed after the starter install that the throttle cable is really loose I am not sure if it was like that before taking it all apart.

No stored codes or check engine lights.

Do you think its the injectors, throttle cable or something like the mass air flow sensor bit the dust from taking the air box off ?

Any other Ideas before I swap the old injectors back in next weekend.

thanks for the help
just went and looked things over the PCV hose where it connects by the throttle body is split can this be the problem ?

to check can I just replace with some rubber tube if so what size ? till I get a new hose

PCV valve gromet and hose replaced so that was not it.

Guess its pull the new injectors and put the old ones back in
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all my toyotas got factory injectors and all are above 210K miles. go back to oem injectors and run gum out if you use unbranded fuel.

The pcv hose should hold in vacuum and should not collapse.
Put old injectors back in. Still same thing.

I just don't understand in park or neutral the engine revs fine. Drop it into Drive or revers and mash the go pedle and it falls flat on its face :(

Not sure what I could have missed reconnecting or if I left a vaccume line off or something but I have looked it over real good I even make sure to re hook up the back ground wire.

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