2000 Landcruiser needs a cover for outside

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Jan 11, 2006
San Francisco

I have to park my 2000 Landcruiser on the street and it is starting to get dinged up. I drive it only on the weekends and need a cover to keep it clean and ding free.

Want one that is made for this truck and will last for a while.


Does anyone have any suggestions on who makes a good one. There are a few choices and don't want to wast $250 on crap if I can help it.


carries a nice one I think. Can't remember what the brand is though.

How about a parking garage? :D
thanks for the tip. Yeah garages are nice. I live in SanFrancisco and only have one spot, the Porsche goes there. The ski truck goes outside. At $300 a month for parking, probably more for the LC beast, it adds up quick.

$419.73 here... indoors. What a deal. :rolleyes:
You might think about getting a custom cover made by a boat awning shop if they'll do it. They use a heavy canvas material (blue & green are the main colors) designed for sun every day and last like 10 yrs. Whatever you get, make sure it has side mirror pockets, as these help prevent car covers from blowing off in a stiff breeze. The one for my sports car fits tight, has mirror pockets, won't blow off even in a storm.
I would try http://www.carcoverworld.com/carcovers.asp

I have had good luck with the CoverCraft brand covers. Great quality and they will even custom-cut your cover to fit around some popular aftermarket equipment that you may have on your rig (such as a roof rack or brush guard etc... ) There were different materials available for various uses too.

I have never used carcoverworld.com, but I really like the CoverCraft product !
I have used California Car Covers. They make each one semi-custom, you specify which of the fabrics you want to use. Mine is "Storm Weave" and has 1 foot extra rear length, and 6 inches extra front length. That covers my rear tire and my bullbar/winch combo. The custom stuff was $20 extra and roughly $250 total. It's 3 years old, still looks good, and when it wears out, I'll get another.
I also have a California Car Cover on one of my sports cars. Like Cruiserdrew said, they make them custom for custom accessories you may have (tire carrier, bull bar, light bar, whatever). I recommend them as well.

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