2000 Landcruiser Groaning (1 Viewer)

Aug 3, 2011
Hello, it has been some time since I have posted in IH8Mud. Miss the forum! My wife was driving our 2000 Toyota Landcruiser (260k miles) and it randomly stopped mid-drive and started making a loud groaning sound. She pulled over and mentioned she was unable to put the car in park. If she moved it to reverse it would make the loud groaning sound. I am curious if anyone has any idea of what could be going on? To this point, we haven't had any issues with the truck. The only other issue I noticed the other day was when i turned it on, the car seemed to shutter a bit and i noticed a weird smell when i stepped out of the truck, Nothing was smoking or seemed off. I would love any insight people can provide. Thanks!!

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