2000 Land Cruiser headlights not turning on

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Jun 1, 2016
Ann Arbor
Just purchased a 2000 Land Cruiser. Runs great and all of the accessories are in working order; however, I noticed that one pair of the headlights never turn on. They are the ones that are on the side of the main headlights. They are not the turn signal lights. No setting seems to trigger them. Any idea what turns these lights on or what could be going wrong?
Those are only corner markers, if you're referring to the two in the fender. Most likely culprit is two burnt out bulbs.
If you are talking about the one in the circle, it's not a headlight, its a marker light. They should come on with the parking lights or headlights. Try checking the bulbs. I believe they are the small 194 lamp. Same as the license plate light.
Those are the lights in the picture by Dwight S. I'll go ahead and replace them and update if that doesn't fix the problem.
Could be a interlock? (Not sure if that's the right word.) For example, my fog lights won't light if the brights are on. Check combinations of things. Could also be a blown fuse?
Thanks for the replies. Turns out it was just two burnt out bulbs. They looked to be the original ones as well. Got two new ones in and they work great.
Glad you solved it! My high school circuits teacher always said check the easy stuff first!


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