Wanted 2000-2002 Landcruiser or LX 470 Boise area

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United States
I'm upgrading from my '94 80 series. Prefer less than 175,000 miles, known ownership/maintenance history, not 'built' and in good to excellent condition. I'm in the Boise area but will travel for right vehicle, in fact would prefer a vehicle from a dry(er) area to avoid rust issues. I travel frequently to Southern California. Please let me know if you have or know of anyone that's looking to sell one.
Thank you, Brett
Please note that I'll need to wait until the end of August before I can complete a purchase. After that time I can complete a purchase without delay. If you can work around that schedule I'd appreciate hearing from you.
Shoot me a PM with more details and price range. I've got a 2000 LX that spent most of its time in FL. It's listed here too.

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