200 series vs 2nd gen Sequoia?

Jul 7, 2005
After being tagged by @JohnVee to procure the enablement engaged meme, I've been spending way too much time on the interwebbers. Came across a couple of vehicles that piqued my interest. Gas prices being at the verge of stupid will probably just keep this in the gawking phase, but i do work from home, so im down for about a tank every 2 weeks or so, more if I'm drivin to events.

Considering making some vehicle changes, and was looking for some input on a 2010-2015 200 series, and a 2015-2018 sequoia. Mainly would be used for a road trip vehicle, tow vehicle, beach running, not much in the way of trails at this point. Need room inside for rc sailboat toting, room for 4.

Anyone with first hand experience with one or both to provide some input? Good, bad, ugly, indifferent info. Known issues, common problems, etc

I know they both share the same engine and the same 6 speed auto. the sequoia has IRS, vs the solid rear axle in the 200.

Not sure if the 80 and/or the gx470 would be moseyed along to make the deal happen.

There are a couple of 200's for sale at that AMGAutos dealer in Raleigh. Looks like they do a lot of Toy/Lexus builds and sales. How's their reputation? Both 200s have Ironman 2.5 inch lifts, aftermarket wheels and tires. one has a rack and a 270 degree awning as well.

The two 4x4 Sequoias are a 2015 Platinum and a 2018 Platinum. Both have the factory air bags in the rear for towing, along with the usual doodads.

Thanks for reading my rambling post. Alcohol may or may not have been involved :)


Feb 19, 2013
Gainesville, VA
Sequoia is a lot larger on the inside. Ride is also more like a boat. I don't get why full size come with IRS, just doesn't make sense if you plan on towing.
Quality of a 200 is way better than the Sequoia as expected. Get googly eyes over a 200 if you plan to keep it. The one thing I hate about the 2nd row of the 200 is there isn't room for your feet under the driver and passenger seat because of all the HVAC like you have in every other vehicle. All the leg room available but you can't stretch your feet under the seat
Other than that the glorified Highlander is the best decision
Apr 15, 2003
Cary NC
My 200 is for sale :)

I've never had a Sequoa but my good friend has owned two of them and I've spent a lot of time in them and worked on them. I've also had two Tundras.

No comparison to the 200 - pretty much in any way. I was surprised at how bad the Sequoa was off road compared to the 200. Seemed like a lot less ground clearance and wheel travel. We got stuck parking it in a ditch.

A really good friend of mine had a sequoia that was a lemon - mostly electrical issues. Strange because the tundra has such a solid reputation. BUT - they are not made in the same factory. The Texas Tundra factory has a really good reputation. The 200 is made in what is perhaps the best factory on the planet.

The sequoia is a great rig but not in the league of a 200 or a 100 series.


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Sep 2, 2011
North Carolina
Can’t speak on a 200 but we have a 2008 sequoia 5.7 platinum and it’s been awesome put 7 people in it comfortably, traveled to Florida a few times with it and to the outer banks and it’s been a great car for us Super comfortable ride it has the air ride set up and the turning radius has been better than a majority of cars I’ve driven which is crazy to me.

Ours we are usually putting 2 adults and 3 kids but I’ve also added two more adults when grandparents or family are along for the ride and people have room and don’t feel to cramped. If you have the 3rd row down lots of room in the back, Plenty for the sail boats! 3rd row up though leaves a lot to desired.

Maintenance only issues I’ve had has been standard maintenance stuff and an O2 sensor, BUT… there’s rust on certain years which I believe is just mainly focused on the 08-12 ours is no exception and rust has about retired it, Toyota did a coat on it back in 2010 and pretty much sealed it and it’s been getting so likely will have to put her down soon.
Towing is great outside of mileage, pulled our camper for the first time a few weeks back besides that pulled horse trailers, tractors and cars.


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