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I apologize I thought you're response was a sarcastic response to my questions. I couldn't find the thread/spreadsheet and had resorted to asking. Again, I apologize, I wasn't trying to be a jerkoff.

18x9.5 +20 offset on 285/70/18

How much trimming? I know it’s outside the +25 sweet spot

On a BP51 lift 2.5” and spc uca

Is the database missing? I was gonna add info for my 37X13.50s

I'd toss my info in there as well if someone could provide a link to it.

Here's the last link that i know of.

That's the first time I've seen that database! Here is a new version (data can be sorted/filtered on the appropriate tab). Add additional data through the survey here.

I’m running 275/60/20 michelin ltx at2 with Black Rhino Krueger wheels in gunmetal gloss, 30mm offset, slight plastic heating and trimming and mild AHC sensor lift. Still lightly rubs at full left turn only.
Love those wheels, I may go this route soon.

Pretty sure the Krugers are discontinued. Wish they were still abound, it's a great looking wheel/offset on the 200.
First impressions are good. They are smooth and relatively quiet. I would say they are quiet for as aggressive as they are. Slightly louder than KO2's I put on my 100 series. Nothing like the Patagonia MTs I had on my last truck - much quieter and smoother than those. Ride is good, can't comment on traction yet because I have only driven in town. I just adjusted them to the proper PSI last night so I will give an update, but the ride is smooth. More pics for your viewing pleasure.

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Which lug nuts do we need for these wheels? I don’t think the stock style wil fit.
Which lug nuts do we need for these wheels? I don’t think the stock style wil fit.

Most likely 60 degree taper spline drive et. But ask the wheel manufacturer directly for whatever you buy
I appreciate all the experitse and lost a few great hours of my life on this thread. I am a 100 guy, but finally convinced my wife to get a 2017 200 series. It definitely could use a wheel and tire upgrade. There is a local sale of 2021 Tundra TRD Pro - BBS Forged with LT275/65/18 Firestone Destination XT's.

I can only find 1 data point on 275/65/18. Is this just because they are smaller and people prefer the extra 1/2 inch from 285/65r18 or 275/70r18? Should i hold out for wheels alone and just get a larger size? This will be a mall crawler for now but eventually, it will be my overlanding rig (if my 100 series with 300k miles ever fails one me).

Thank you in advance
Congrats! 275/70/18’s are a true 33” tire and look great on these trucks.
I want to give a shout-out to @DirtNap. He has updated my database and made it more user friedly.

UPDATE #1: A disgruntled member keeps deleting portions of the database, so I had to remove the editing abilities for everyone. :meh:

For now, just submit your info via a reply to this thread or I.M. me, and I will update it myself.

Update #2: To anyone else who wants their info in the database: I am getting tired of people messaging me their tires, but do no seem to give me anymore info. Look at the database, and make sure you give me EVERYTHING that is listed. I am tired of trying to track down the rest of the info! From now on, if you fail to give the full description, I will ignore your post. No hard feelings, but... Also, if you have the exact same setup as another member that has already been posted, it is a little redundant to have it in the database. i.e. We all know that a 275/70 will fit just fine. I get that the more entries the better, but if the setup is clearly tried and true, its not going to do much good having it in the database. The only reason it would be useful, would be if you actually have rubbing on a setup where another member said he or she had no rubbing. If that is the case, then please me note of it when contacting me, or replying to this thread.

Original Post: I have seen many many threads titled "How big can I go?" and "What tire Size?" "Will it fit?" etc. Instead of trying to sort through everything, I decided to make a google doc to keep track of everything.

I think this will really help those who are trying to pick a tire and wheel for their 200. I included boxes for tire size, wheel size, manufacturer, mods, and general notes about your particular truck.

Maybe this is a stupid idea. Who knows; lets see if it catches on.

I will go ahead and enter info into the spreadsheet as I see it in various discussions. If you see your name on the list already, please do not be offended, and please feel free to update it as you deem necessary--especially if you see a "n/a".

I would also like to add, that if you do have rubbing, please note where the rubbing occurs (in the notes section), as we can make the spreadsheet more specific as we get more info.

Am I missing something, where is this database?

i had to dig a long way to find it.

Needs some major formatting... But let me know if you want to plug in my info. Whoevers running it.
1 inch spacers
I took the little front 4 inch splash guards off.

I spent a leisure 3 hours or so molding the fender liners and mudflaps to clear the rub. The AHC in low clears turning back and forth, but we will see how it does in the real world.



Does 38psi sound about right?
Method 705 17x8.5 with 35mm offset. 285/70-17 Ridge Grapplers.

This is the dark gray/matte titanium, which is much darker than I anticipated. The photos make them lighter than they appear in person.

Passenger side photo shows the wheels with a 1 inch spacer (i.e. 10mm offset), and driver side photo shows the 35mm offset of just the wheels alone.
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