200 Series Land Cruiser front bumper from Metal-Tech 4x4

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    Metal Tech 2008-2014 200 Series Land Cruiser Ghost Rider Front Bumper Stage 3

    The Ghost Rider front bumper for the 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser is the first full bull bar designed, engineered, and hand built in the USA.

    It provides excellent approach angle and critical head light protection giving you confidence while out in the back country. From the driver's position you are able to just see the outermost corners of the hoop giving you confidence on where the outer edge of the bumper is for tight trails.

    The bumper is a two part design with our winch mounting system independent of the bumper shell for an easy installation. The winch mount is installed first, then the winch can be installed and wired without having to lift an entire bumper with a winch mounted to it. The bumper shell then attaches to the winch mount allowing for a custom fit to your vehicle body.

    We include provision for up to a 12,000lb winch with access for the clutch and solenoid. Integrated 3/4" recovery points are mechanically interlocked through the shell and tied to the winch mount inline with the frame for confident rigging.

    There are laser cut openings for LED flange mount fog lights, (included with stage 2), and for a 30" single row LED spot/flood combo light bar, (included with stage 3).

    The outer ends of the bumper shell next to the fender have tabs to secure your fender liner preventing it from bending back into your tires.

    The hoop is made from mandrel bent DOM-SRA tubing providing full surround front end protection for the hood and headlights. On the outer edges of the hoop are welded tabs providing mounting location for limb risers or antennas.

    We value the factory safety and convenience systems from Toyota and have designed the Ghost Rider to work with these systems maintaining stock functionality. We provide laser cut holes for the front parking sensors to mount. The center hoop of the bumper does not obstruct the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control or the forward facing camera. The bumper also allows you to keep your head light sprayers in their factory location.

    • Winch ready two part bumper mounting system supports 12,000lb winches
    • Winch clutch easy access
    • Integrated 3/4" pull points mechanically locked into winch mount
    • DOM-SRA steel tubing Hoops protecting headlights
    • Accessory Tabs for Limb Risers or Antennas
    • Powder Coated textured black
    • Laser cut LED fog light pockets
    • Laser cut LED center 30" single row light bar pocket
    • Installation requires modification of the front bumper plastic
    • Included two OPOR 20w LED fog lights
    • Included two Deutsch to OEM Toyota fog light plugs
    • Included OPOR 30" single row 90w LED spot/flood combo light bar with harness and switch
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    More info here: https://www.metaltech4x4.com/metal-...and-cruiser-ghost-rider-front-bumper-stage-3/
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