Wanted 2 U-bolt plates in Nor CA

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Apr 10, 2005
United States
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Wanted U-bolt plates?
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I have a set of the discontinued Downey u-bolt plates (part #48046-64) for a 64'-74'? May be able to drag'em up to the Bakersfield Rally, if you can wait.
Im not familiar with the ones you have. Are they reproduction stock or something else? Im not going to Bakersfield so I will probably hold out for something closer. Just for kicks, how much would you want and willing to ship?


I have a set (4) of the U-bolt plates that are designed to protect the ends and the nuts from damage.

i have a couple where are u i can get them shipped next week i think they are from a early 70 fj-40 let me know they are factory and i wont be using them
Thanks all but my impatience won over. I bought some new beefy ones to go with my new beefy 5/8 U-bolts.

Thanks again

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