2 questions: One head related one not..

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Apr 26, 2003
Mountains of WV
Is there a company out there that sells new rocker shafts? I had a pretty loud tapping from the valvetrain.. after doing a valve job about 8 times in a row, I pulled the whole rocker assembly and yanked the rocker shaft.. the thing has massive grooves worn in it and tons of slop b/w the arms. I tried end for ending it, but it is still too worn.. I cant find anyone that makes a new one? Help? OK, second more stupid question.. Ive got a a knob in my 76 40 all the way to the right on the dash thats got a weird symbol on it and looks like a secondary choke cable w/ a little cable attached that a PO cut off in the engine compartment.. what the hell is it? Ive been wracking my brain..
Looks like the heater valve knob, thats the only knob that has a cable running into the engine compartment. If you have a VERY late year 40 it could be the hood release knob, or maybe a knob for a retrofitted hood release. However, the heater valve knob on mine does not have a wierd symbol?
Actually, its just to the right of the heater valve knob and looks like a factory piece.. the heater pull works and is functional.. its like an extra knob.. it pulls out just like a choke cable would, but doesnt attach to anything.. oh well..
might it be the fresh air controll? it goes to the flaper on the PS firewall(where the blower fan is), the cable run on the air duct. When closed it sucks air from the inside, when open it sucks air from the outside.

could be a hand trottle, but in the US these were not on 76 fj40's, early 40s had them however.

John H
I am guessing hand throttle.  If it had a PTO winch, now or at some point, it probably had one. That is where the hand throttle would go in some years, and the funny symbol, something like a choke symbol, would look like that.
in australia we got the hand throttle till at least 1980, and it was mounted down low, hanging off the dash above the accelerator pedal.

and the australian hand throttles didn't have a cable into the engine bay, it merely attached to the accelerator at the top. and when you pull them out they don't pull smoothly like the choke, more like they have teeth to catch and hold it in the desired position.

australian cruiser experiences only (but on about 20 of them)
I think most of the USA throttles are like that. My 71-72 owners manual SHOWs the throttle in the dash, but SOR insists that there were only the underdash version you describe. (So that's what I got for my PTO)
I'm with Bad Religion (cool band too), sounds like a hand throttle, my 78 has one.
NO! Me Me Me
are hand throttles that rare? all the fj's/ hj's and bj's i've ever seen have them. and 75 series cruisers still had them too
are hand throttles that rare?  all the fj's/ hj's and bj's i've ever seen have them.  and 75 series cruisers still had them too
In dash are, underdash aren't
If we actually GOT 75 series or HJ or even more than a handful of BJ cruisers we might not be in this predicament. :-/
After you guys started talking pto stuff, I went out and took a better look at the cruiser.. it looks like at some point in its life it may have had a pto on there.. it may have been added after the fact, then removed.. there is a block off plate to the left side of the shifter, where it looks like the lever may have come up through, and right below the front apron on the right side at the frame, there looks to be a modified hole where the propeler shaft probably was (there is also a factory bracket at the back side of the hole that doesnt attach to anything). The front bumper has a slot in the middle of it for a roller fairlead, but I dont believe that the factory winch went through the bumper, it sat on top didnt it (i always assumed it had an electric winch on it at some point)? The mystery is coming together.. thanks guys. BTW the symbol on the pull lever looks like two half circles facing away from each other with three little lines vertically below the half circles.. sorry no pics. &nbsp:Did anyone make aftermarket PTO winches for these things back in the day?
Cruisin, Gerorgia,
The PTO gear on the transfer case is supported by the output shaft of the toyota transmission. You actually replace that shaft with a shorter SM420 shaft. Sorry. I am actually curious about the PTO of the SM420 because that may be do-able.

Thats definitely the description of the hand throttle knob symbol. The block off you describe fits with the pto shift placement, so I think you are right about the tranny hump being that of a model with a pto winch. I would bet the pto shaft bracket you found goes on every '40 of that vintage, mine had one, too, but did not have a hump hole (I just cut one out). You are right about the front bumper not being stock for a stock winch. Ramsey made an aftermarket PTO winch for the '40 (one recently came up on Ebay), but I don't know if the fairleads went thought the front bumper.

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