2 new electrical grimlins.. regarding ds window and brake light

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Aug 21, 2011
Peachtree City, Ga
I'm trying to figure out some issues with my LC's electrical system.

Today coming from work I tried rolling up the ds window and it would not go up, can't hear anything. I'm thinking it could be the motor HOWEVER the front ps window wont roll up or down on the drivers side control switch but ps window rolls up on front ps door switch. Drivers side control switch will roll up rear windows.. could it just be a bad switch? Anyone else run into this issue?

Also my ps brake light lights up but its not bright. What could be the issue? Thanks guys
PS brake light, could be bad bulb, ( try that first ) then I would see if the ground is good.

Tried replacing the bulb and it still does the same thing.. where is the ground located?
Try opening the DS door and running the windows. Wiggle the wiring harness in the hinge area while trying the switches.

The ground for the taillamp might be in the way it's mounted. Clean the mating surfaces where it looks like it's supposed to be metal to metal.

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