For Sale 2 light weight backpacking tents

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May 31, 2010
United States
I have 2 backpacking tents for sale. The weather has been wet and I dont feel like setting them up for pictures. You can google them ans see if you like them. I will probably post a proper for sale thread with pictures later. But maybe someone will want these as it is.

1. MSR Missing Link 2. This is a very cool very lightweight tent that uses trekking poles to pitch it. That keeps it light and packs well. We used it only a few times and then switched to a different tent. My wife buys hiking gear the way we buy cruiser stuff. I will take $125 plus shipping.

2. A OLD North Face Tadpole free standing tent. Small and very light 2 person. Kind of the classic 3 pole design. This one is old but has mostly been in the attic. You know the sun is mostly what kills tent fabric. This one has not seen a lot of sun but is getting old. It does not have any rips or holes but I honestly dont know if the age has affected the long term integrity. It would be a killer cheap small tent for one person to throw in the cruiser or to use back packing. I will take $50 plus shipping for it.

If anyone wants one of these I will take the time to set it up and take some pictures and give it a once over again. If you have been a member for more than a few years with a post count over 100 I will give you a inspection period of a week to check the condition out. But return shipping will be on you. Both are under 4 pounds so it should not be much.

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