For Sale 2 diesel Toyota P/U half cut or parts 81'82'

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Jun 9, 2004
San Diego, CA USA
United States
I have two Toyota Diesel P/U half cuts for sale or can be taken as parts. I do not want to ship this freight so if you are local to Southern California or want to come and get it this may be the deal for you (sorry others).

1981 Toyota Diesel P/U - good shape for all body parts this has not yet been cut for half cut so is still together. It comes with whole or in pieces whatever you prefer it is PARTS ONLY not a truck to be fixed up. Has L Engine with aftermarket turbo in running condition attached to 4 speed manual tranmission 2 wheel drive - you can here it run. Price is $500.00

1982 Toyota Diesel P/U - body is complete junk, probably not a good body part on the whole truck. Truck has not been cut yet and is complete, does have new tires on it. This is PARTS ONLY
not a trcuk to be fixed up. Has L Engine that was rebuilt 20k ago, can hear run, attached to 4 speed manual tranmission 2 wheel drive, take whole truck or parts. Price is $500.00

I will post pictures once I take them or to those who want to see them.

These with both project trucks when I bought them but don't have time to spend on them, they have everything you would need to swap the diesel into your good condition Toyota P/U of these vintages or maybe newer.

The 81' was a lot of good condition body parts including the doors that can be used or sold. Both trucks the interior is not in great shape.

you can PM me for more info.



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