2.8L TGV turbo diesel

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Nov 16, 2002
Interesting finding a local cruiserhead found on eBay:

2.8L intercooled turbo diesel that fits a standard Chevy small block bellhousing pattern. Seems that these engines are brand new and built to order. 135 hp but can be cranked up to 170 hp.

Note the pics are not of the engines.

it is an engine of Land Rover !!! :mad:

BEUURRRKKKK I am sick to see it !!!
Does the engine have a poor reputation or do you just dislike Landies? It is not made by Lucas, is it? :)

It is true that does not like them much!!!:grinpimp:

but it do not have a very good reputation in Europe!!!;)

Saw one in a local Defender here...looked to be a nice engine, and the numbers are awesome.

He told me that it was major $$$ to bring it here, and parts are definitely an issue because of their rarity. I thought he said it was made by International or Ford or something like that. Maybe it was in some Ford trucks overseas? I'm not sure.

At the risk of sounding like I'm pimping for him, the website states it is an International HS2.8L TGV. I thought TGV was a French super train :) The pic on the website shows a similar engine as the one on eBay which says "Powerstroke". Ford has been sourcing their diesel Powerstrokes from International.

Just an interesting diesel alternative I thought I'll show the list since the auction says mounts for Landcruisers are coming and Marks adapters can be used to mate the engine to a cruiser tranny.

The seller is on POR under OBW_Canada. Maybe he is here too.

Frenchy said:
It is true that does not like them much!!!:grinpimp:

but it do not have a very good reputation in Europe!!!;)

I'm sorry but you don't know what you're talking about. The 200 and 300 Tdi are brilliant engines, and the 2.8 is just the next step development of the latter, it really can't be bad IMO :D They are just a bit tractorish according to todays standards :doh:
The rover/bmw TD5 on the other hand is a true POS in its stock dressing.

landrovers are neat trucks as long as you enjoy fixing a 2yo like you would a 20yo toyota :grinpimp:
Ford owns Land Rover or Ford is Land Rover, so it's a ford, thats why it says powerstroke on the valve cover.

If you like fords giver, I like toyota's.

coming from landrovers I can comment on this engine, very nice! both the 200 and 300tdi were very good, the 2.8 is a popular drop in but don't get fooled by the price. average cost works out to around $15000cad.
It has been available I believe in South America and also parts of Europe in the small Ford Ranger line of pick-ups for a few years:frown:
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I subscribe to several Land Rover magazines and the general consensus seems to be that it's a well-appreciated engine. I've also seen comments on its lack of refinement when compared to more modern diesels, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, especially if going into an equally un-refined Land Rover or Land Cruiser! :)
Hawke said:
For that much money would one be better off buying a tested 12H-T from someone like G & S Cruiser Parts or a similar supplier?

Hawke for president .. !!!!!! :D
The 2.8 has crazy torque at such low rpm. It should be a tractor-like engine... it's going into a 4x4 not a Ferrari! Anyway, I would put it in a Land Rover... but I wouldn't put it in a Land Cruiser. 12H-T has been put through its paces... no doubt the best diesel engine ever sold for the Land Cruiser.
I saw that engine a couples weeks ago and though of posting it, but was vrey curious or standoffish to the whole deal. Sounded to good to be true.
Neat thing about it is the power from such a relatively small power plant. Again they are expensive but I have heard only good things as well. They are also mechanical as well so easy to install.

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