2.5 Rough Country

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Jan 3, 2003
Lookin at a 2.5 rough country spring kit. It's Cheap(new $325)
Is it too cheap or is it a good deal. Have stock right now on the 70 40 and rides like a tank but thats half the fun of the thing. I want something that will last me at least 5 years.

Eternal- goin for it
Go Skyjacker softride. Never heard a bad thing, ordered my 4" lift tonight :D. Guys have them 6 years with very little to no sag. Woody ran them for 4 years. Most guys get the 4" but they sell a 2" too. 4wheelparts.com is having free shipping on everything, $592 for 2.5" shocks, u-bolts, springs, bushings front and rear.
I'm kinda cheap and I would go sky if there was bad stuff said about these rough country but I have enough cash right now for the cheaper but it is gonna take some time to get enough for the better ones. Would you think it is worth the wait?

Rough Country = junk....don't not buy them. They are notorious for shackles inverting and bending the main leaf. A buddy of mine absolutely hates his...purchased for the same reason as you (cheap)
I'm with Woody 100%

Just go with the 'jacker lift kit, you'll thank yourself for spending the extra few on a 'quality' lift. A friend of mine had a Rough Country lift kit put on her Heep by her boyfriend, and she can't stand it, matter of factly,... the phrase she used exclaimed that it sucked (leaving out a few choice expletives). Tell me this... why else would rough country also go by the name Hell Creek Suspensions?... because their lift kits don't have the same reputation as Skyjacker or Superlift, or OME or Pinnacle... seems to me they want to appeal to the underinformed. Yes, rc's lifts come with shocks,... but that's them trying to "polish a turd".

...just go with the Skyjacker 4"... you'll thank us for it... period.
Well sold on the Skyjackers. No rough COuntry here. Thanks.

Eternal- Better informed
Why don't you do a soa lift and do it right the first time. I have a 2.5 lift with a soa lift, enough room to run 40's.
How do these compare to OME(Springs made by King Springs/Dampers made by Monroe)? Becouse I find mine far too soft. :slap:
Why don't you do a soa lift and do it right the first time. I have a 2.5 lift with a soa lift, enough room to run 40's.
Not everyone, me included, has the time, skills, money and equipment to do a proper SOA. A good 4" SUA lift is our best option. My cruiser is a DD, I can't have it off the road for the time necessary to do an SOA. :tear:

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