2.5 or 4" lift?

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Dec 29, 2002
Walnut Creek, CA
There are always a lot of post on the what type of lift to go with and Skyjacker always seems to come out on top. But what about height of the lift? I am getting ready to order a lift for my fj40 and can't decide which way to go. With the 2.5" your center of gravity is lower so you are less likely to roll over. But the 4" inch allows larger tires and more ground clearance. The cost difference is minimal.
Any Thoughts? The tires I have been looking at are 33x10.5.
Remember the saying bigger is always better and apply it to this,that extra 1.5" is not going to make you roll.Thenb if you wanted bigger tires you could if you don't you will just have a little more clearance.thats my theory :G
I think most here will tell you to go with 4" lift, but keep in mind if you do you will also need to get extended brake lines and may need other mods from what I hear.

Yes but the few things are very minamul for what you get in return in the long run you'll probally like it more. :G
go with the 2.5/... i have 33 mud terrains with fender cutouts and it works fine without any rubbing... also if you want to got front shackel reversal.. that will gain you 1.5 inches ... so then all you need is a longer shackel in the back to compensate..and your only at 3.5 -4 inches

if you go with 4... and do a shackel reversal....

your just plain too tall for 33s;.. of course i drive my cruiser everyday.. 30 mi each way to work +..
2.5 is a tall enough lift for 33's. It makes everything look still in proportion. If have had both. If you are doing alot of town or highway driving the 4" isn't needed.
I would go with the 4". But I can't really tell you how a lift kit will ride, I did an SOA. IMO I'm kinda tired of some people complaining about road quality, not to offend anyone. But in the true spirit of offroading, sacrafice the few on road benefits you might get with a 4". Like I said, I don't mean to offend anyone, but I just wish some people would suck it up when it comes to dealing with on-road quality.
I have the skyjacker 4" kit and i love it, definatly go with the 4". Its about the same price and I honestly doubt you would be able to tell any differance as far as stability. Besides with a 4" kit you wont have the need to cut out your fenders with 33" and if you did want to go with 35" you could. Also with the 4" you will get more flex offroad and your rig will look a lot bigger.

With the 4" the only truly necessary mod is extending brake lines, but since you will probably use stainless braided lines for this anyway, it is an improvement that will probably need to be done at some point anyway. The stainless lines help improve brake feel as well, since they don't expand under pressure like the 30 year old rubber ones. &nbsp:Diff breather lines might need extension to if you have already installed some.
IMO The 4" Skyjacker is the perfect height if you're into moderate offroading. 2.5" definitely isn't enough lift to fit 33's, if you're ever going to have firiends in your jumpseats. I ended up having to trim my fenders even with the 4" to allow my 33's to tuck with the suspension compressed. As for the brake lines, I only had to replace my rear with a 4" lift... the line was pulled taut just sitting stationary, so I'd say you'd almost definitely have to change it out with a 2.5 as well. If you only want a 2.5" lift, get some add-a-leafs, and some lift shackles. But if you want to lift it right, just go with a Skyjacker, or Pinnacle, of Black Diamond, and go with the 4".
Back in the day when I had my 40, I had the old rancho 2.5" lift with a 1" shackle lift and 33x12.50 MTs. It worked great lots o' Rubi runs and a daily driver. My concern with the 4" lift comes from the tire choice of a 33x10.50. You already have a tentatively tippy situation with these tires and a 2.5" lift, now with a 4" lift, if you do alot of street driving (i.e. daily driver), the suspension induced body roll might be a little scary. Sure we would all like to say that we know how to drive lifted, "tippy" vehicles, but you never no when that 16 year old next door neighbor kid might come screaming out in front of you, not an ideal situation. Anyways I guess my bottom line is if you go with a 4" might as well get 12.50s, if you go with a 2.5" you'de be just fine with10.50s. If you got a straight up wheeler Spring it over and at least 35s. Sorry about the length. :G
Sorry, but I sure was :G :G
I say a spring over a la "whately method" with a spring reversal. This set up really gives you the best of both worlds. A better articulating suspension and better highway manners. What more do you want??? Oh yea plenty of room for 35's. When you use the stock springs it also is the most economical way to go. Its your choice spend money on stiff riding springs or not. So many Alaskan's can't be wrong!
Sorry, but I sure was :G :G
Haha yeah, I'm about the only 16 year old in my class at school that has their own car and hasn't been in at least one wreck or two.  And I'm also the only one with manual steering, all 4 drums that lock up waay to easily, and a lack of defrost (we really need windshield wipers on both sides of the windshield!) I made my first highway drive in a monsoon goin up to the mountains with nothing but a bikini top, every time a rig would roll by I would get blasted by mist and my windshield would be coated, paper towels don't work so well.  Then my wiper fuse blew out :eek:. Luckily I carry extras.  Ah well its funny that the kids with fast cars that handle and brake better have more wrecks than me with my slow 40. :slap:
Back on topic-
As far as I'm concerned if your gonna lift it, lift it. Go for the gold with 4". All the people that I know that have 2.5" have extended shackles to try to squeeze out some extra lift. If you aren't going to do much wheelin then 2.5 would be fine for better stance and ability to fit a little larger tires that at least look better. But if you're going to do any substantial amount of wheelin 4" would be better, SOA best.
I installed a Skyjacker 4" back in December (two days of laying on the ground in front of my condo complex...HOA LOVES ME!!). I am also running 33x10.50 BFG Mud Terrains on my '78 FJ40, and I can tell you that even with a 4" lift, the rear tires will rub under full articulation.

Now take into consideration that:

A.) I am still running stock length shackles
B.) I have not swapped over to longer bump-stops/axle snubs...whatever you want to call them
C.) The body is stock...no fender trimming has been done

As for the center of gravity, I picked up right at 4" with just the lift (on the "stock" tires) & 2" of lift with the 33's. So, you are only going to be giving up 1.5" of height. From my experience, the 4" lift & 33" tires has not really changed my on street driving performance...even over the more stock, unlifted setup.
Go with the 4". I put the 4" skyjacker on last fall and the ride is great. Only one problem. 33x12.50s rub! When it is all flexed out, the tires still hit the front of the wheelwell at the back as previosly mentioned by halo 3. definitely go with the 4" I drive this thing on pretty twisty roads and it handles just about as good as it did before the lift, better perhaps. It won't affect the center of gravity that much so dont wory about that. I am still running all stock brake lines except the rubber one at the rear.
Thanks for the thoughts. I am still not 100% sure which way I will go but am leaning to the 4". Sometimes you need to bounce stuff off of people.
4 inch and then some

on 33's

on 35's

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