(2) 1992 Toyota Land Cruisers! CLEAN! (Virginia)

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United States
Hey folks,

So I kind of went Land Cruiser happy and ended up with three in my driveway. I am keeping my 97 40th and getting rid of my two 1992 Cruisers.

170k miles
Optional Rear Seats
Paint is still superb
Interior is MINTY
Everything works.
Great tires.
Brand NEW ,and I mean it hasn't moved 20 feet since new battery, spark plugs, plug wires, valve cover gasket, alternator, distributor cap, ignition rotor, and whatever else is included in that FJ80 Tune Up kit from Lowe Toyota.

The issue: Ever since all that work was done...which was done in one sitting .. the car used to start up and run fine before (besides the alternator being bad) ... and was drivable but now it starts up and has a rougher idle and stalls unless you keep the revs up. So I'm thinking it has a vacuum leak or the plugs aren't gapped properly. No CEL light comes on when it does that, it does turn over just fine though without hesitation. This I KNOW is a small fix, since it has to be directly related to whatever work was done that day. I just haven't had time to do anything about it (I have 5 cars right now).



198k miles
Does not have the rear seat option
Interior is pretty decent, especially the seats and all. It's missing the tailgate handle (the lower tailgate). Updated single din unit with built in HD Radio, and upgraded speakers. All power windows etc work great.
Was dailyed up until recently, and its ready to be dailyed too. I drive it every now and then, drove it about 100 miles just the other day with no problem.
Tires are phenomenal
Oh, and btw... something I've never had in the other 3 80s I've owned... a working power antenna *knock on wood

Issue: Exterior paint clearcoat is deteriorated in a lot of areas, a nice army green plastidip is my suggestion!






I will include more pictures soon. But please don't hesitate to call, text, or email for more information

I have my 97 40, a 91 M5, and I'm trying to buy a 95 E300 Diesel ... because nothing I have right now is halfway decent on gas. Would like to move these trucks as soon as possible.

Both in value I think are worth about the same, since they both have their ups and downs. Once the sand's issue is eradicated, it will be able to be dailyed too.

I'm asking for 3.5k each, I'll make you a deal if you want both. I feel pretty firm on that. Don't hesitate to throw me reasonable offers.

irfan.mu@gmail.com / 804-647-3491

I may not respond to PMs as quick.
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It looks like it is, but i'm not all too sure. It looks lifted compared to my 97 in the background too! I'm in Richmond
I would take the blue one today,one problem...too far..:(
I'm a player on the gold truck - if you can get it running. Have you checked your 02 sensors?
Still available, have not checked anything on the Gold ones as I am too lazy/busy ... maybe this week. It RUNS btw, just comes to a put put put stop.
Have you checked the vacuum lines on the 'gold' one? My 92 was having the same symptoms - I popped the hood and found one of the larger vacuum lines behind the air filter housing had worked its way loose. Slipped it back on & problem fixed! It's a cheap check.

GLWS :beer:

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