1UZ with A440f ( From LC 91-92)

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Feb 19, 2012
san francisco

New to 80 series forum, I'm planning to put 1UZ and A440F together in FJ40.
I've confirm that 91-92 a440f is auto with no electronics. Mean it changes gear by cable connected to accelerator /Kick down cable. No electronics.

I'm going to build 1UZ as a stand alone and get a 100 series bell housing and connect A440F to it.

Am I missing something ? Can anyone confirm this will work?

Appreciate your help.
I dont really know. But i just looked under the hood of my friends 1990 diesel 80 form Canada. His also came with the 440f. He also said it was all hydraulic.
Yes zero electronics. But make sure you’re on point with the kickdown tension. Loose, it shifts crappy. Super loose and it’ll burn up the tranny. You would probably benefit from reading wheelingnoob and jtaylor Isuzu diesel swap threads to see how they set up the throttle and kick down to work together. Different engines, but similar ideas.
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You ever get around to doing this? I was driving home yesterday and an SC400 passed me and a lightbulb went off in my head. Trying to decide between the 440 and the 442, but I really like the 440 for being mechanical

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