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Jul 30, 2017
Hey all -

Happy to report I now own a 97 and I love it.

The passenger seat gears need replacing and I figured I might as well do both sides, add heated seat pads and the Land Tank seat extensions - I'm 6'5" so I could use a little more room. Probably should have the seats recovered while they are out of the truck.

Any thoughts on who'd be a go to shop? I'm in NYC but I'm also up in Boston for a good portion of the summer. Any recommendations would be most welcome! I could handle the mechanical stuff, but upholstery work makes my brain hurt.


I'm also in NYC but am short on options. I'll ask my mechanic if he knows anyone. And welcome! :flipoff2:
This is what my mechanic suggests:

Mccoy Auto Upolstry
Mobile +1 718-458-5800
Are you sure the gears need replacing? A lot of times its just one simple piece that had popped out and can be replaced easily. I had to do both sides at different times when it went. Took a couple minutes.

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