1st Post...2004 LC...third LC since 1990

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Mar 23, 2007
Two Harbors, Minnesota
Hi All...I am new to this site and this is actually my first post. Currently have a 2004 LC...just learning that there have been problems with the NAV...I have not had any issues and will keep my fingers crossed. I may inquire about the TSB with my dealer.

I previously had a 1990...and consider it a transition year. Toy improved the transmission and upped the HP shortly after the 1990 model year.

2nd LC was a 1994...which I kept for 10 years a 210K trouble free miles...was a great vehicle with an improved transmission and a more powerful inline 6...and got a little better gas mileage.

3rd LC is 2004 with all the goodies...as they seem to come that way. I like the V8 Ok but I acutally liked the low end tourque of the '94 inline 6 fine too. Currently have about 45K miles and no problems to date.

I PREFER the LC to the LX...as others have mentioned...I do not like the cladding and probably still would prefer the looks of the mid 90s LC...a bit less "soccer mom". But I am fine with my 2004.

So far from my thread reading I am considering Bilsteen (sp?) shocks as I like less sway and a bit more stifness is OK with me...and I probably will check with the dealer regarding the TSB on the Nav system. I don't really use the Nav part...just the other functions that are "hooked" up to the touchscreen

My LC driving is essentially as a daily driver that apprecates the full time 4 wheel drive...lots of snow and ice here in Minnesota. I do pull a couple of utility trailers and plan on adding a brake controller and pulling an enclosed twin axle trailer with two Harleys (as my wife and I get too old to continue "touring" with our bikes!).

I look forwar to learning more about my LC and what changes/improvements might make sense. Also nearing new tire stage and will want to review some of the previous threads...Thanks TomR

P.S. What might make sense (beyong shocks?) to improve performance/mileage or handling for a daily driving kind of experience...with moderate country/logging road hunting?...TMR
Welcome,:flipoff2: Do the shocks(thats my next purchase) nothing you can do about milage,just keep smiling and driving.

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