1st gen Tacoma...OME or?

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Jun 18, 2004
Pacific Northwest
I imagine this subject has been beat to death. I have an 80 that draws to much attention in the Mexican city I live in......going to use a 96 Tacoma 4x4 4cyl as a daily driver...it has a ladder rack with heavy springs in the rear. I want to put on a decent suspension up front that can support an arb bull bar(primary purpose is for protection). I want to lift a little but nothing out of control. Probably run 285's with 90% on road(Mexican roads are full of holes). What is recomended? I was looking at OME springs/shocks for around $550. or you can get something like sway aways for $850(not sure I want to fool with these).

Wheeler's Off Road has a good lift selection.
Nothing wrong with OME at all - sounds like a good choice for what you need. You'll have to swap the stock top plate over to assemble the OME coilover, and obviously it is not adjustable like the SAW's, Icons, or Toytec coilovers.

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